Exercise With Resistance Bands for Seniors

There are dozens of resistance band exercise programs for seniors. The internet is a wealth of information on various exercise programs and videos on exercise. I just discovered a very interesting series of videos by eHow on Daily Motion about resistance band exercises. They have a great instructor named Melanie, who takes you though a series of excellent resistance band exercises for various parts of the body. Each video is about one to two minutes long, with clear and concise instructions. Here is a sample of one of the video:

Resistance Band Exercises for Seniors by eHowHealth 

Remember, whenever you start an exercise program start slowly, test out the movements first. Start with an easy band, learn the technique of the exercise first, then make the resistance harder. Try to have fun when doing exercise. You will do it longer and continue if you enjoy yourself. If possible, get a workout buddy to keep each other motivated. Develop a schedule and stick to it. Also remember, diet and exercise go hand in hand try not to over eat after exercise.

Exercise should be an integral part of your life, like eating and socializing.

Everyone needs to learn about the benefits of exercise, pass this information along to a loved one.


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